Like Sunlight Gleams Thy Grace, O Lord

SATB Anthem


This beautiful hymn by David Macfarlane has been set in an exciting anthem arrangement by Nathan Howe. The anthem includes optional divisi for men and women. This piece received an Award of Merit in the 2013 Church Music Submissions.

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Contest Voting

Once again this year, is holding a sheet music competition, and two pieces from are in the running – look for I am His Son and How Great the Wisdom and the Love.  Go and listen to all of the the selections, then give ratings to help your favorites.  I’d appreciate your comments and ratings.  Thanks!

UPDATE: The voting is over, and although these pieces did not win prizes, they got many votes.  I appreciate your help!

When Ye Shall Receive These Things

When Ye Shall Receive These Things is a piece for SATB choir and piano.  The text is based on the text in the tenth chapter of Moroni:  “…when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that you would ask of God…”

The music features accessible, modern harmonies for choral singers over a beautiful flowing texture in the piano part.

When Ye Shall Receive These Things received an honorable mention in the 2013 Music Composition Contest sponsored by, and it is a part of their compilation titled Reflections.  You can buy the entire book or this piece alone here.

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like church music, right?

Okay, it might not be the most traditional Valentine’s Day date venue, but the Church Music Festival at the Assembly Hall on Temple Square will be great this Friday.  The concert features winning entries from the annual Church Music Submissions.  You can see a list of the honored pieces here.

My anthem arrangement of David Macfarlane’s Like Sunlight Gleams Thy Grace, O Lord will be performed.  (Sheet music for that piece is coming soon.)

So why is this festival a good Valentine’s Day option?  If you’re in a relationship, here’s your game plan:
5:00 pm – Take your date to dinner in downtown Salt Lake City.
6:45 pm – Go for a romantic walk around Temple Square.  (Free and romantic – two for one!)
7:30 pm – Listen to beautiful music.  (Also free!)  (Pro tip: The Assembly Hall has pews instead of seats with armrests, so you can sit close.)
9:30 pm – Go out for dessert.

Single?  No problem:
5:00 pm – Go to dinner with friends
6:45 pm – Take a leisurely walk on Temple Square (keep your eye out for others who may be doing the same thing)
7:30 pm – Listen to beautiful music (perhaps while sitting near a beautiful stranger?)
9:30 pm – Make casual conversation after the concert, and go out for dessert with someone you’d like to know better.

Church Music Festival: Everyone wins on Valentine’s Day.  Stop by and say hello if you’re there.

[Edit: If you do plan to bring the family, remember that most Temple Square concerts, including this one, only admit children ages 8 and older.]

I am Naught without my Savior [TTBB]

TTBB hymn


This is a modal hymn that eloquently teaches the Plan of Salvation. The text by David Macfarlane was written in stages – before, during, and after his missionary service in Argentina. The hymn describes elements of the premortal life, the veil, recognizing the Spirit, and being reconciled with God through Jesus Christ, followed by stirring descriptions of the praise and good works that accompany true conversion.

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Interview on Mormon Artist

Mormon Artist is an online magazine covering the Latter-day Saint arts world.   It is a great online publication that features interviews with all types of creative Latter-day Saints (think Del Parson, Michael Ballam, and Brandon Mull).

Today, they published an interview with me.  Read it here.  Many thanks to editor Ben Crowder.

Thanks, SL Audience

I sang a fireside in Second Life this evening at the invitation of a wonderful family member. Thanks to the great audience. I will post a few recorded excerpts over the next few days.

New Recordings for Resurrection Hymn

Resurrection Hymn has two new recordings.  The vocal solo version with a new recording by Nathan Howe:


And the SSAA version, as performed by the lovely singers of NCCS Women’s Quartet:

Hark, the Herald Angels Sing: Merry Christmas 2013

In the spirit of previous audio Christmas Cards, this year I present a new recording of Hark, the Herald Angels Sing.

During the week of school before Christmas break, I try to take an hour or two to record an audio Christmas card.  If you missed it, check out the recordings from 2011 and 2012.  This year’s installment is Hark, the Herald Angels Sing.  This time, I went for a fairly straightforward vocal jazz TTBB arrangement.  Sheet music will be available soon.

Hear it on YouTube or download the mp3 for free below, and share with your friends!

Merry Christmas!