I Have a Garden

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A good mother-in-law is hard to find.  I got one.  She’s a member of an elite squad of singing ladies called Come Saturday Morning (perhaps because they practice early on Saturday mornings).  To honor them, I arranged this little ditty for four-part women’s voices.

For those LDS folks who still remember the old orange book used for Primary music, I Have a Garden is one of those children’s songs that didn’t make the cut for the new book. It has a simple tune and sweet words by Maryhale Woolsey. The lyrics of the second verse are perhaps more needed now than when the song was written.  It contains an important message for all Christians about controlling our thoughts and caring for our minds and hearts.

Although this arrangement is designed for a cappella women’s voices, a pianist could easily double the voices for use by a group that isn’t quite ready to sing without accompaniment (like many Relief Society or Young Women groups).

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7 thoughts on “I Have a Garden”

  1. I’m still waiting for my website to launch, but because I hope people will let me know when they have found my music useful, I’m thanking you for yours today.

    I remember this song as a child and the lyrics were talked about at our stake conference. I hoped I’d find it somewhere and sure enough – you took the time. Thank you!

  2. The words to this song, which I haven’t sung for probably 30 years, crept back into my mind this morning as my husband and I walked in the cool of the morning. Not sure of a couple of lines, I went to google.com when we returned home and found your site. Thank you. I Have a Garden was one of my favorites as a child.

  3. wonderful! I wonder if you would consider arranging another little song that Maryhale wrote called “Little Brother Vegetable” it was included in the 1929 Primary songbook

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