Nathan Howe is available to provide certain musical services.  Prices are competitive, and your patronage helps to support the creation of new music.

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Commission original music
Arrangement and Adaptation
Professional notation services
Clinician and adjudicator
Copy editing, proofreading, transcribing, and other text services

Commissioned Original Music and Arrangements

Commissioned works are written or arranged for performance by a particular ensemble or soloist, or in honor of a person or event.  A commissioned composition can provide several benefits:

Why commission?

  • It’s unique.  When your group commissions a piece, they get to perform a piece that nobody else has heard before.
  • It’s designed for your group.  The music is written to utilize the strengths of the ensemble that commissions it.
  • It’s educational.  For schools and community performing arts groups, the process of working with a composer can provide a different type of education for the performers.  Composers are not just the “dead white guys” we all learned about in school; composition is a living art that is practiced now.  Often, ensembles like to bring the composer to observe, interact with the musicians, and give input during several rehearsals.
  • It’s memorable.  Regardless of the performers’ ages or musical skills, they will look back positively on the commission experience for years to come.  Being in the commissioning ensemble provides a sense of ownership and pride which carries far beyond that one commissioned piece.  The audience will also be energized by listening to the memorable premiere performance of a new piece.
  • It supports new music.  If you believe that new music is important, a commission is a great way to show that support.  Most of the old well-known composers like Bach and Mozart were supported by wealthy church or governmental leaders.  Composers today are supported by ensembles and individuals who have the courage to commission new work.

Is a commission expensive?

Commissioning a piece is more affordable than you might think.  Price depends on the scope of the work. A suite for full orchestra will cost more than a simple SATB hymn. Some performing groups collaborate to commission a piece together.  For example, a few school or church choirs in the same area might combine for a special concert and share the cost of a commission for the  event.

Price and timeline depend on many factors, including instrumentation, expected length of the piece, and travel considerations.  However, all financial considerations and expectations for the commissioned piece will be clearly agreed upon in writing before the work begins.

If you feel that this is the right time for your performing ensemble to take a step forward and start a commission process, please send a message or make a phone call through the contact page.


Arrangement and Adaptation

Need a new arrangement or adaptation of an existing piece of music for your ensemble? Nathan Howe Music can do that. Time and cost required depend on the scope of work to be done.

Works to be arranged must be in the public domain, or you must hold the copyright, or you must acquire permission from the copyright holder.

To inquire about meeting your notation needs, please send a message or make a phone call through the contact page.


Professional Notation Services

Perhaps you have written a song by hand and would like to turn that manuscript into professional digitally engraved sheet music.  Maybe you have a piece that needs to be transposed.  Or maybe you have recorded an original song and would like it notated.

Nathan Howe Music can help with professional notation services.  Your music will be notated using Finale, and you can receive your files in Finale, MusicXML, or PDF format.

Prices depend on the type and amount of work.  Quotes are free.  A detailed description of the job will make the quote more accurate.

Note that your use of these services cannot violate copyright law.

To inquire about meeting your notation needs, please send a message or make a phone call through the contact page.


Clinician and Adjudicator

Nathan Howe is an active performer, composer, pianist, and choral director who specializes in working with smaller rural schools. He has judged solo/ensemble and large group festivals. His dynamic, positive approach encourages young musicians to do their best.

If you are interested in having Nathan Howe work with your students or assist with your festival, please send a message or make a phone call through the contact page.


Copy Editing, Proofreading, Transcribing, and Other Text Services

Nathan Howe is an experienced editor, proofreader, and writer.  He is available to proofread and format academic papers, book manuscripts, websites, articles, and other documents. His specialties include APA formatting and web content.

Cost is based on this table of common editorial rates.  For larger jobs or ongoing contracts (like proofreading every time you write a blog post), request a quote through the contact page.