Sabbath Day in the Friend

Today, my kids went to the mailbox and came back with a copy of the August 2017 Friend magazine. This month’s issue includes my song Sabbath Day. If you haven’t received your copy in the mail yet, the magazine will also be published online soon. For Primary leaders who need a recording to use in teaching the song, the accompaniment track in the player above is available for free download here.

You might notice that the lyrics in the Friend version are different from the original that I published here in 2015. This is not an accident. The Friend magazine is very intentionally focused toward broad usability in gospel teaching with children, even very young ones. As I worked with the editor on this song, we made some changes to make the message understandable and accessible for younger children.

I still love the original song (and the SATB choral version), and I’m excited that this new version is now available. I see it as an expansion, not a replacement.


2 thoughts on “Sabbath Day in the Friend”

  1. I arrived here through your post on the LDS Primary Choristers page! Congratulations on such a lovely reverent song. Perfect timing too since we will be talking about the Sabbath in sharing time during August (I’m sure it wasn’t a coincidence to have it in this month on the Friend’s part though). I can’t decide whether I like the new lyrics or the original better but it’s a great song regardless and now I’m wondering if I can fit it in and teach it to our primary. I was just thinking we needed more songs on the sabbath the other day!

    1. Thank you very much, Tyne! If you do use it, I would love to send a card to your Primary. Just send me a message. Thanks again for your kind words!

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