Sabbath Day (Children’s Song)

Medium voice(s) with piano


This is a song for Primary children about preparing for and honoring the Sabbath day.

This song is one of Nathan Howe’s collection of songs for Primary children.

An arrangement for SATB choir is also available here.

Available Files

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6 thoughts on “Sabbath Day (Children’s Song)”

    1. In general, the Primary Board does not approve nor reject songs, except those that appear in official publications like the annual outline for Sharing Time. Your bishopric can approve additional songs for use in Primary. Here are some guidelines from the Church’s website:

      “No official list of “banned” or “approved” selections or composers exists. Members and priesthood leaders are expected to review the general principle-based guidelines and then, with the guidance of the Spirit, apply the guidelines to a particular circumstance, adjusting to the occasional exception as appropriate.”

      “The Children’s Songbook and the current sharing time outline are the basic resources for music in Primary. Hymns from the hymnbook and songs from the Friend and Liahona are also appropriate. Occasionally, children may sing patriotic or holiday songs that are suitable for Sunday and for the children’s ages. The use of any other music in Primary must be approved by the bishopric.”


  1. This song is really beautiful. I love it! A year ago our ward had a special fifth Sunday lesson with RS & Priesthood about Sabbath day observance. And now, a year later, we are holding a follow up lesson seeing how families have improved their Sabbath Day worship. I am going to have my senior primary children sing this song as a special music number during that lesson to the adults. Thank you so much for sharing it, and especially providing access to it without charge.

  2. Hi Nathan,

    Our primary has so enjoyed this beautiful song, and the reverent spirit that we each feel, as it is sung.
    We have included it in the last two Primary Sacrament meeting programs, because the children love singing it!
    Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us. We are truly blessed because of it.

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