Resurrection Hymn [Vocal Solo]

Vocal Solo with piano


This solo was written for use in a sacrament meeting on Easter of 2010.  The song was subsequently revised and performed for “Reflections on Christ,” a Good Friday cultural event sponsored by the Loveland, Colorado Stake in 2011.  It is a musical testimony that through the Atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we will all one day be resurrected and stand before God in the flesh.  Also, the song affirms that because of the sacrifice of Christ, we may be comforted and healed through the power of the Holy Ghost.

Resurrection Hymn received an Award of Distinction in the 2011 Church Music Submissions.

This page contains the original vocal solo arrangement (files below). Here is a complete list of available arrangements for this piece:

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6 thoughts on “Resurrection Hymn [Vocal Solo]”

  1. Nathan–this is beautiful! I love the doctrinal lyrics. . . very well written and so meaningful. I love it when those two aspects come together so well. These words and music have been going through my head all week. The repeated/altered chorus at the end is really artful. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Rachel! That means a lot, especially coming from such a great composer and arranger. If any of you out there haven’t checked out FaithSong Music, it’s definitely a great site.

  2. I love this!! I am a new choir director (I grew up in Broomfield, but live in Utah now) and I would love to see this in SATB. Would you consider it?

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