I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go

2-part Choir with Piano

I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go

Arranged for the Greeley, Colorado Stake Conference in January 2017, this approachable 2-part version of the beloved hymn is perfect for youth or adult choirs with limited rehearsal time.

The piano quotes the classic A. C. Smyth tune Dare to Do Right. This arrangement can work well for small or large groups. While the piece is notated for women on part 1 and men on part 2, it would work equally well with a 2-part men’s choir or a 2-part women’s choir. Part 2 has the melody throughout the piece, so adapting for different groups should be easy.

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Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy [TTBB]

Men’s Quartet (TTBB)

Philip Paul Bliss’s gorgeous hymn Brightly Beams our Father’s Mercy describes the Christian obligation to reflect the Savior’s light and help others find Him. This a cappella arrangement offers engaging, approachable variations on the theme of the basic men’s choir version in the LDS hymnal. This arrangement was written for an upcoming conference of the Greeley, Colorado Stake.

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I am Naught without my Savior [TTBB]

TTBB hymn


This is a modal hymn that eloquently teaches the Plan of Salvation. The text by David Macfarlane was written in stages – before, during, and after his missionary service in Argentina. The hymn describes elements of the premortal life, the veil, recognizing the Spirit, and being reconciled with God through Jesus Christ, followed by stirring descriptions of the praise and good works that accompany true conversion.

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Hark, the Herald Angels Sing: Merry Christmas 2013

In the spirit of previous audio Christmas Cards, this year I present a new recording of Hark, the Herald Angels Sing.

During the week of school before Christmas break, I try to take an hour or two to record an audio Christmas card.  If you missed it, check out the recordings from 2011 and 2012.  This year’s installment is Hark, the Herald Angels Sing.  This time, I went for a fairly straightforward vocal jazz TTBB arrangement.  Sheet music will be available soon.

Hear it on YouTube or download the mp3 for free below, and share with your friends. Merry Christmas!
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I Am His Son

Boys’ voices with piano



It has become a tradition in our family that I write a song when each child is baptized.  When I was thinking about our nephew Ryan and his baptism in 2012, I saw a need for a song written especially for boys that lays out the ideal pattern for their lives.  This song summarizes that plan, from baptism to Temple marriage and fatherhood. Continue reading I Am His Son