Welcome to the new NathanHoweMusic.com.  You may have landed here wondering “Where did Grate Music go?”  Don’t worry — the name has changed, but all of the music from GrateMusic.com and LDSmusic.us is here (or will be shortly).  This new site also offers several big improvements:

  • You can comment on individual songs.
  • You can search by title, by topic, or by voicing.
  • Song texts are now provided in printer-friendly PDF format.
  • E-mail updates are now more user-friendly.
  • Files are easier to access (especially recordings).
  • You can download mp3 recordings of the MIDI files for many pieces.
  • You can connect with Nathan Howe Music on Twitter (@NathanHoweMusic), or on Facebook.

Have a feature suggestion? Your comments are always welcome.


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Nathan Howe is a Colorado composer, performer, and teacher. If you enjoy the free music available on this website, please share it with friends, commission a composition, or make a donation. Thank you!