The Star-Spangled Banner [SAB or SATB]

SA(T)B a cappella


When I started directing choirs at Fort Morgan High School in 2009, I saw a need for an interesting arrangement of the national anthem.

At that point, I had a strong group of altos and small but talented tenor and bass sections.  I sketched out an SAB arrangement that we used at football games and other school events.

In 2013, I had many more tenors and basses, so I added an optional tenor part.  Unlike the SSATBB arrangement I wrote as a student in high school, this piece is written with flexibility and performance practice in mind.  It could be performed with as little as an SAB vocal jazz trio, but it has also been performed by large SATB choirs.

The stereo rehearsal recordings feature the part to be learned on the left side and the other three parts on the right side.

Available Files

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