TTBB, SATB, or SAB with piano


This contemplative, short piece for men’s voices invites all to come to Christ.  Through a simple comparison, the song relates the shepherds who left their flocks, the Apostles who left their nets, and the modern man who leaves his sins to follow Christ.   It was conceived previously and arranged as a part of the 2010 Christmas cantata Come and Behold Him.  This version is an excerpt from the original cantata score, with the same pagination and measure numbers.

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I am Naught without my Savior [SATB]

SATB hymn


This is a modal hymn that eloquently teaches the Plan of Salvation. The text by David Macfarlane was written in stages – before, during, and after his missionary service in Argentina. The hymn describes elements of the premortal life, the veil, recognizing the Spirit, and being reconciled with God through Jesus Christ, followed by stirring descriptions of the praise and good works that accompany true conversion.

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When Godly Sorrow Moves the Soul

SATB, a cappella or with piano or organ


This original hymn was written in autumn 2005. David Macfarlane and Nathan Howe collaborated on both the text and the music, combining understandable lyrics and memorable four-part writing.

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