Promises [Simplified Song]

Medium voice(s) with piano


This newly-arranged version is appropriate for Primary children and other singers with limited range, or who need more support from the piano.  Promises was written for the baptism of our niece Zoey. It describes our relationship with the Savior by discussing what we promise him, and what he promises us in return.

Promises was originally written as a vocal solo with piano. At the 2011 Church Music Festival on Temple Square, it was performed by a wonderful chorus of Primary children. This inspired me to write this simplified arrangement, more suitable for inexperienced soloists or groups, especially groups of Primary children or youth.

Here is a summary of the differences between the original and the simplified version:

  • In the original version, the piano does not usually follow the melody line, while in the simplified version, the piano plays every note that is sung.
  • Some rhythms have been simplified, including many of the syncopated passages.
  • The low B has been omitted in the simplified version.
  • In the simplified piano part, all reaches beyond one octave have been eliminated, and several tricky passages have been reworked for easier playing.
  • The simplified score fits on 3 pages, while the original uses 4.

Downloads for the simplified version can be found below. Downloads for the original version, including a live performance recording, are on this page.

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