One Seed

Medium voice with piano


Written by Nathan Howe for the baptism of our friend Amber in summer 2005, this solo expounds on the process of obtaining faith and allowing Christ to develop it within ourselves.

I was actually writing this on the way to the baptism. I had to drive to Fort Collins to order an engagement ring, and on the 45-minute drive each way, the song just came to me. I finished it about thirty seconds before I sang it for the first time.

Note that the sheet music does not follow the recording precisely. Some extra rubato is needed especially in verse 2 to make the piece work.

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3 thoughts on “One Seed”

  1. Is it possible I could get a recording without the voice? Just in case my piano player can’t play it. I know it’s really soon, but I sing this Sunday on the 27th. :/

    1. I’m sorry – the mp3 I have posted here was recorded live, so the piano and voice were not on completely separate tracks like a studio recording. I hope things work out well for you on Sunday!

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