Vocal solo with piano


It has become a tradition in our family that I write a song when each child is baptized.  That tradition started with our nephew Brandon in 2007.  This piece, simply titled Baptism, is largely based on the promise described by the prophet Alma in the Book of Mormon: Continue reading Baptism

I Am His Son

Boys’ voices with piano



It has become a tradition in our family that I write a song when each child is baptized.  When I was thinking about our nephew Ryan and his baptism in 2012, I saw a need for a song written especially for boys that lays out the ideal pattern for their lives.  This song summarizes that plan, from baptism to Temple marriage and fatherhood. Continue reading I Am His Son

Isn’t it time to start thinking about Christmas?

I recently promised exciting news, and it’s here: my setting of Far Far Away on Judea’s Plains is now available for purchase from Jackman Music Corporation.

This is the SATB version of a piece I wrote for the University of Northern Colorado Women’s Glee Club in 2006.  After several years of being unavailable, the piece has now been published by Jackman.

If you have enjoyed the music I have provided for free over the years, I would encourage you to buy this piece.  The time signatures may seem daunting on the first read, but the voice leading and the piano’s doubling of the vocal parts makes this a beautiful but accessible addition to any church choral library.  I have also used this piece with high school choral groups, with great results.

Order Far, Far Away on Judea’s Plains today so you aren’t left out in the cold when it’s time to start rehearsing for Christmas.


Two quick updates.  First, two new files are available for A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief.  Although it was originally written as a solo for baritone voice, two treble versions in different keys are now available.

Second, Resurrection Hymn is one of the most popular songs on this site, and many people have requested an SATB adaptation.  It has been published in the most recent Hymns Today magazine!  It’s full of interesting music, and the magazine is a great value.

More publication news coming shortly!  Thank you for your support of my music.