Audience Police

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Several years ago, I created some tongue-in-cheek tickets for audience members to give others who blatantly violated etiquette rules during serious performances.  Back then, I was a college student studying classical voice, I attended a lot of formal concerts, and I was very self-righteous.

Someone suggested I bring it back, so here’s all you need:

Audience Police Tickets (PDF)

Print them out (two-sided), cut them up, and stuff a couple in your pocket before attending a performance, just in case.

Warning: I’m not responsible for how others react to your ticketing.  Audience Police is not a real police force, but perhaps it’s a grassroots movement that will make concerts a more pleasant place for everybody.  Also, be sure to read the rules yourself before enforcing them.

Leave your Audience Police story below if you actually use the tickets.

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