What happened to GrateMusic.com and LDSmusic.us?

Most of the music that was previously published under the Grate Music and LDSmusic.us brands is now available at NathanHoweMusic.com.

Everything that was offered for free is still free, and many pieces have been revised.  It is also easier than ever before to locate, print, and leave feedback about the music.

Where is [insert song name here]?

If you saw it on gratemusic.com or LDSmusic.us previously, most likely it will end up here at some point. Check the title index first, then if you can’t find the song you’re seeking, send a message through the contact page.  Perhaps your request will be the next post.

Why do you give away all of your music for free?

First off, I don’t.  I require payment for music I write for commercial use.  Also, I require payment for any commercial use of pieces published here.  I do a few commissioned compositions per year, and I also submit some pieces to major publishers.  NathanHoweMusic.com is not a nonprofit organization, and your donation is not tax-deductible.

However, I realize that by setting a price for certain pieces, I would make it highly unlikely that they would ever be used.  This is especially true of hymns, which are a special interest of mine.  I am willing to give up some of the profit I might make on certain pieces of music so that they might do what they were written to do, and that is to inspire and invite people to come unto Christ.  Also, since you now have a good idea of how my music sounds, you can confidently buy my non-free music as it becomes available.

What sort of license applies to the music on this site?

Creative Commons License
Unless otherwise noted, the works on this site by Nathan Howe are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be obtained through https://nathanhowemusic.com/about/permissions/.

So what counts as a derivative work?

Making any work based on my copyrighted material is derivative.  Using excerpts of the work as a part of your work without permission is prohibited, even if you attribute the .excerpt to me.

The following are acceptable changes that do not qualify as derivative works:

  • Cutting or altering a small number of notes, dynamic markings, etc. in a song to adapt for the needs of performers
  • Altering narration in larger works to suit the occasion of the performance
  • Adding instruments appropriate to the nature of the song

How can I support this site?

Thanks for asking.  I try not to overtly panhandle for donations, but they will be accepted and well used if you feel you want to give.  You can use the donate button below if you want to make a monetary donation to the site.  Money will go toward hosting and maintenance of the website and toward creating new music.

Money is nice, but another big way to support this site and the composer is to use the music.  Please do not remove the copyright notices or website address from any materials you download from this site.  If you enjoy a piece, link to it from your blog or social networks.  Comments left on this site about individual songs would be appreciated.  Also, if you are a musician, I would love to compose a commissioned work for your group (or for yourself as a soloist).

How can I commission a piece?

Click here for details.  Prices depend on what you want, what it’s for, and when you need it.

Do you provide other sheet music services?

I do provide musical transcription and arrangement services from time to time.  If you have specific needs I can meet, please contact me.  I will be honest up front about what I can do and how much it should cost.

Could you do a fireside for my ward?

I am occasionally invited to sing and speak at youth and adult firesides.  I love to do this, but my availability depends on time and travel considerations.  Feel free to contact me about availability.

Will you do a custom arrangement of my favorite pop song?

Generally, no.  Unless you already have the rights to it, I probably won’t be able to acquire them in a cost- and time-effective manner.  The large publishing houses will serve you better when it comes to popular music.

Is all of your music religious?

No.  Most of the free pieces you will see on this website is religious, because they serve a special purpose, and I am willing to give them away in order to bring people closer to Christ.  Most of my secular music is sold for profit (at least, that’s the idea), and some of my religious music also requires purchase.

What are your religious beliefs?

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Most of my religious music is appropriate for use by any Christian denomination, and I welcome any church or community group to use the music published on this site.  Some of my beliefs are enumerated here.