A Social Madrigal

SAB choir with opt. piano

A Social Madrigal - cover

(Audio from Shawnee Press)

In this secular SAB piece in a quasi-madrigal style, 16th-Century harmony meets 21st-Century technology. It has the normal madrigal storyline: a shepherd courting and serenading his love. But their love story is really brought together by Google, Facebook, and Twitter. And, as happened so often in the 2000s, their relationship is torn apart by Friendster.

This piece is a great way to introduce middle school and lower-level high school singers to modal harmony and approachable polyphony. The clever lyrics will engage singers and audiences alike.

A Social Madrigal is published by Shawnee Press. You can purchase it directly from the publisher, or from major music retailers like J. W. Pepper.